Tuesday, November 12, 2013

collections vs hoarding

Collections vs. Hoarding. What is the difference?

Collections involve one thing you mainly focus on collecting while hoarding is keeping every little nic nac you come across. Being a hoarder can become a very serious problem. A serious disease can develope. By watching the show hoarders, I have learned that it is not a healthy habit/hobby as when collecting rocks or some other things that you are into can be fun and entertaining. I dont collect anything myself but I would much rather be a collecter than a hoarder.  If I were to collect something it would be nail polish because whatever color you choose to paint your nails expresses your personality. When I paint my nails it makes me happy. I have plenty of colors to choose from so I can have a variety of color to fit my mood for that day or week.

This is a great description of how they differ and explains the differences :